My New Year’s Resolution: RIP LOL

A couple of days ago I caught myself saying, “LOL,” to a friend in a conversation over lunch. Texting LOL is bad enough but saying it out loud is just ridiculous. LOL is the most overused “conversation cop-out.” You might as well initiate each LOL with, “I can’t be bothered to take the time to communicate with you.” Ha, Ha, Ha, LOL.

I did not plan to make any New Year’s resolutions this year but I would like to take this time to reflect on LOL before I attempt to bury it for good in 2012.

Perhaps a silly game to match LOL ridiculousness is in order. Want to play? Here is how it works. Whenever someone uses LOL,  respond as if you have no idea what they mean while simultaneously making up your own meaning for LOL. Hint: Keep some fun “L” and “O” words on hand. Below are some of mine. I can’t wait to ask someone, “Why are you talking about LIGHT ORANGE LIPSTICK?”

  1. Light Orange Lipstick
  2. Loud Ordinary Lesbian
  3. Lube On Lasagna
  4. Lick of Lizard
  5. Leaping Over Leprechauns
  6. Long Obnoxious & Ludicrous

Please share your list with me too.