Stop Wasting Time on Social Media. Increase the Quality of Your Communication; Increase Quality of Results.

What is a SocialBling Social Health Check?

A customized communication report outlining your personal best messaging for selling and relating. Details of the report are used to review your social media profiles and guide you through your personal best communication and social media strategy.

 SocialBling Social Health Check is for:

  • Advisers, Consultants, Coaches
  • Sales Professionals
  • Non-Profit Professionals
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Social Media Account Administrators
  • Small Business Owners
  • Single People with Online Dating Profiles

Benefits of Completing a Social Health Check:

    • Advance Your Communication Skills
    • Attract Desirable Contacts
    • Attract Qualified Business Opportunities
    • Increase Productivity and Volume of Offline Appointments
    • Receive New Sales and Service Contracts
    • For more details, watch this video


Social Health Check Includes:

  • A personalized 25-page report mapping your most effective communication traits and skills
  • 90-minutes Skype session – With report review, social media audit and personalized communication and social media plan
  • Social Heath Check Report Card – A 30-day checkup after session

Price: $360

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