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Two Problems, One SOLUTION = SocialBling Social Workforce Readiness™

Problem #1:

71% of the workforce is disengaged, costing US businesses $300 billion annually.  Employees rate unfavorable company culture as the #1 reason for disengagement. Disengagement destroys productivity and consumer trust.

Problem #2:

Consumers want and expect to talk directly to companies via social media not to a third party or agency. Consumer’s trust in brands significantly decreases when marketing and messaging is not aligned to public knowledge.

What is SocialBling Social Workforce Readiness?

A program that accelerates the speed of trust between leadership teams, employees, shareholders and the public. The program begins by involving key employees from marketing, sales, operations, legal, customer service, human resources and IT departments.  Cross-department teams are created and guided through a process of influence where they experience firsthand how social networks harness collaboration for the sake of innovation and growth. We call this process Social Workflow. Social Workflow can be used to solve problems, implement projects, create content, gain feedback, decrease time consuming meetings and align company communication efforts in a searchable “real-time” knowledge base.

Main Components of Program:

  • Employee Advocacy for Change Management
  • Proven-sequential Ordered Process for Building and Maintaining Trust
  • Structured Communication and Collaborative Skill Building
  • Leave-behind Process for Sustainable Social Media Strategy
  • Leave-behind Process for Streamlined Project Development
  • Leave-behind Knowledge Base

Main Benefits of Program:

    • Advanced Quality of Relating Increases Productivity
    • Decrease Cross-Generational and Cultural Sensitivity Issues
    • Time Sensitive and Sustainable Content Creation System
    •  Social Assignments for Employees Aligned to Current Responsibilities (no extra time required)
    • Sustainable Process for Workplace Culture of Favorable Outcomes Used to Attract and Keep Quality Talent

Three Steps to SocialBling Social Workforce Readiness:


  1. We collect and analyze company workforce data. We address core pains in culture and find the cause behind individual’s behavior.
  2. We assign social roles and tasks based on desired communication process and outcomes.
  3. We test and modify roles and tasks through a gamified process until activities becomes a regular part of workforce culture and can be used for ongoing project and social content collaboration.

Take the First Step

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